Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have a disorder.....this is pathetic

Seriously. It's called contestenteritis. Every once in a while I hear about a contest and I enter it because I just know I'm going to win. I know there are others who have this same disorder, or even worse cases of it, but my problem is that I obsess about it and let it consume my thoughts. I'm not going to share all the things (there's not that many) I've entered (and lost, mind you) but here's one. Better Homes and Gardens $25,000 home remodel make over. I've already planned what I'll do with the money- an addition on our home. I could totally win, right? The last thing I entered was the Dove Close-up challenge. The winner received a week long trip for 2 to Hollywood, a week of dance lessons from a DWTS personality and a commercial spot to be aired on the DWTS finale to debut the dance they learned. Plus, the winner received a $5,000 check. I was sure I would win. I mean, why wouldn't I? There were probably only thousands of other girls just like me that entered. I submitted my 60 second video and obsessed about it for a few weeks. I had my trip planned out right down to what I was going to wear on the airplane, the celebrities I might bump into and the way the California morning sun would stream into my hotel window. Of course, I didn't win. Last night I saw the commercial spot. The winner was average looking, I don't know what set her apart from the others, but hurray for her. At the end of the commercial she said, "This has been the best week of my life!" Yeah. I bet it was.


Karen and Joe said...

Oh, I can relate Jenny! I too enter contests all the time in hopes of winning! Whether at the store or online. I've actually won a freezer at Harmons and a basketball setup at Dans once and a few other things on and off since I was a little girl and so I thought my luck was pretty good.
However, this is where we differ. I actually think to myself,"Self, how could we go on a 7 day luxurious spa vacation when there is no one to watch the kids and then ya know Joe has that bad back so how could he play golf, etc" or "how do I go on a weekend girlfriend getaway when I don't have ANY FRIENDS!"
So, Jenny, you might think your life is pathetic but I believe mine is more because I won't even enter some of the contests for FEAR of winning them, so sad.:(
I'll tell you what, if I win a girlfriend getaway, I'll take YOU, it'll be just like old times, like when you'd sleep over and I'd dress you up. I keep telling Ashley how much fun she is going to have with Eleanor like I did and have with you and Mandy!
Love ya Babe!

Jenny said...

It's a deal, Karen! You can be my girlfriend too if I ever win a trip- you'd be just as fun as having my own Mom come with me! It's gonna happen....someday...someday!

Heather said...

I am laughing so hard at you right now! We are so different! I NEVER try to win anything because I KNOW I won't win and that it will just end up being a huge wast of time! Now that's what's pathetic! How did you and Dave end up with all the confidence, I want some!!J/K I hope you do win the Better Homes and Garden one, you deserve it!! Love ya

Lisa M Roberts said...

You crack me up. Hey, sometime when you need a fun read pick up "The Actor & the Housewife". I think you'd get a kick out of it. :)

Allison - SilenceOfTheClams.com said...

This totally made me laugh. I remember years and years of entering every content I could get my hands on. Now I'm more selective... I mean, do I have to pay TAXES on those winnings? Do I really WANT to have that dance lesson?

The last few years I've pretty much restricted my contest entries to occasional lottery / Powerball tickets (living in Washington it's legal here, and one of the ways we fund education... at least that's my justification.)

I mean, if I could remodel a kitchen for $25,000 - just imagine what I could do with $25,000,000!!

Wow - just looked at the site and tomorrow night's Powerball draw is worth $171 million. I must buy a ticket... could totally win, right?

(And if I do, I'll send you and Karen on a wonderful girls spa getaway : )