Monday, May 23, 2011

Enough of the rain already!

I know all this water is good in a way, but I am so tired of it. I'm ready to wear flip flops and capris instead of boots and jackets every day. The only thing I appreciate about the rain is that all our baseball games were cancelled last week. And it looks like tonights game might be cancelled too. Maybe Heavenly Father knew I couldn't cope with the stress of all the games and having Richard gone, and trying to help Landon campaign for Student Council so he sent the rain to give me a little break. But I'm ready for the sun and the warmth! Landon made Student Council. His campaign was an Alvin (the chipmunk) theme. For his assembly skit he sang like Alvin about how he would do his best (John Huff recorded the song in his authentic Alvin voice) and the students loved it! There are only 5 boys and 5 girls on the council for next year and he is really excited about it! Way to go Landon! This weekend I sang at a wedding in Alpine that must have cost an insane amount of money. It was at a home that was almost in the mountains and when I pulled up in my car I was greeted by a golf cart to shuttle me to the home. Amazing decorations, a ridiculously huge and beautiful home, fabulous food, pretty good music...of course- I was singing! (John too!) and it wasn't raining. I love singing at weddings like that! This week brings more fun with the choir concert, the dance festival and field day. I must remember to take pictures!


Rod and Jessica said...

Amen to enough rain! It's even making my mood soggy! :) Congrats to Landon! Camryn was super excited for him! I have a feeling this will be a long time role for him! He is a great leader and a great kid! Reading your blog makes me wish I had a quarter of your talents! I can only imagine how beautiful the wedding was - and how much you added to it! Impressive! :)

Heather said...

Way to go Landon! I'm sure that he will be perfect! He is such a cute kid, although he doesn't seem like a kid these days, he's getting so BIG! This has been a really weird spring, even here. I know I can't complain, but we usually don't get a spring, it usually goes straight to summer. I hope that you get some sunshine and warmth soon!!!

Bamamoma said...

Awesome job Landon. Your peers are wise to have selected you.