Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My little sunshine

This girl really is my sunshine. She makes me so happy. And frustrated at the same time. But mostly happy. She is so much fun to have around and is always making us laugh and just feel good. She can be a handful when she doesn't get a nap, and when her potty training turns into major failure, but other than that, she truly is a JOY! Here are some things I love about Kate.
* She loves to wear dress-ups and pretty things.
* She loves to spin and twirl and dance and bow.
* She gives the best hugs and kisses.
* She loves to be naked and I love to squeeze her little nakie bum.
* She says "balicious" when she really likes her food.
* She asks Richard to make her "a biiiiig omelet" every morning.
* She says, "I obeyed!" when she does the right thing.
* When she is having a hard time and needs to cry, she will cry in her room until she's done and then come out and say in a happy voice, "I'm done crying Mom!"
* When I hold her really close she notices little things and tells that my hair, or my eyes, or my earrings are beautiful.
* She loves nursery and the gym day care and goes so happily every week!
* I am amazed at how beautiful she is.
* I love that little girl to pieces and I can't get enough of her. (But it's always a big relief when she goes down for her nap and bedtime!)

Kate and Willa being silly
Kate and Willa watched Tangled about 10 times this weekend and had to wear their purple Rapunzel dresses!


Layne said...

It makes me happy that they both have messy hair. I feel like a better mom.

Heather said...

Kate is balicious!!! She is such a cute girl. I love how silly she is too! I know what you mean about loving them to pieces and then being so happy when they're asleep! Love you Jen!

Karen and Joe said...

She is such a cutie pie! I think there is something really special about your last one, you savor every bit of them because you know that's it.
Nathan loves "Tangled" also, I'm just glad he hasn't asked for the Rapunzel dress yet!j/k Although he does give a good smolder...