Friday, February 4, 2011

A few of this weeks happenings

Richard did this painting the night after the horse painting (see below). Kate put the little black splotch on the face. This is a picture he did of Rocky, and although I consider myself a good artist, my stuff usually ends up looking cartoonish. He did a really good, realistic job, don't ya think?

I had some paints lying around the other night and Richard started messing around. He came up with this picture and I think he did a really good job. He isn't really an "artsy" guy, but I was highly impressed with what he did! He is a man of many talents!
Good ole Rocky got neutered last week. He spent the whole day lying on the floor whimpering and groaning. He's fine now and didn't have to wear the cone for very long because he broke it.
Landon and his friend Kyler did an experiment for their "Science Fair Project". They were testing the affects of sleep deprivation. I could have told you the results before they even began. Grumpy, tired, irritable, etc. They tried to stay up all night and didn't make it, but tested their brain function with a series of tests taken at 8 pm, 2 am and 7 am. Why did I ever tell him that would be a good project? Couldn't we have tested something else? Oh well. Live and learn!

Tonight is the Stake Sweethearts Dance and of course Richard and I are going. We never miss it! It's the only time we ever get to dance anymore, and Richard is a wonderful dancer. See? Man of many talents! He was so cute and gave me a bouquet of balloons yesterday with a message inside asking me to the dance! I love that man!


Heather said...

Sounds like an interesting week! First of all, Richard did do a great job on those paintings. Brent is way more artistic than I am. FYI- Brent laid around all day moaning when he got neutered too!!!
I hope you have fun tonight. You two always look so cute together when you dance. I sure wish that was something that Brent and I could do! Love ya!