Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just a ball of yarn

Landon was bored the other day and asked what he could do, so I suggested that he finger crochet. Have you ever done this before? It's simple and completely pointless. The only thing you can make from it is a giant chain. And thats what he did. A giant chain- an entire thing of yarn. This is his ridiculously long finger crochet chain. He said it keeps his head really warm! And here are some other December happenings.

Kate really wanted to sit on his lap....until she got there.
Emma and Miss Tina - the best preschool teacher ever!
Beautiful Emma Jae
Riding the train at the Mall....passing the time while Daddy was off singing!
At Dave and Michelles for the main course of our Christmas progressive dinner
Jake and Traci hosted the appetizer portion of the dinner and we did dessert.
Kate and Mommy at the Hague Family Party. Kate loved the mint brownies the best!


Katie said...

SO cute- Emma is so pretty!

Heather said...

I'm sad that we always miss out on so much. I wish we could still make it to all the fun christmas parties. Looks like you guys had fun. I like your hat in the train picture. You look really cute. See you on friday. Love ya lots.

Jill said...

So you WERE at the mall! It's funny that I didn't even see you at all! I guess with all those fans who follow our husbands around, it's no wonder we were hidden from each other. :-)

Have a great Christmas!!

mine said...


Karen and Joe said...

Fun happenings---miss ya! Hope you had a great Christmas!