Monday, December 8, 2008


So Richard was gone this weekend, but the kids and I still had a good time. Well, as good a time as we could have cleaning the house and trying keep busy enough to stay happy and not fight amongst ourselves. We made our favorite Christmas chocolate pretzels, watched the movie "Elf" (I forgot how funny that movie is)made countless picture, sticker, pipe cleaner and play-dough creations. We went to the Hague family Christmas party on Saturday night (of course I forgot my camera). Sunday night we had a progressive dinner, which has become a fun tradition. We celebrated my dads birthday (which is today) and got to see everyones fun Christmas decorations! We started at our house with appetizers consisting of bacon wrapped water chestnuts, Li'l Smokies in BBQ sauce, Denae's yummy dip with sourdough bread, grapes and chocolate pretzels. I love appetizers. Then on to Dave and Michelles for lasagna and salad. We finished off the night at my Mom and Dads for hot fudge pudding cake and vanilla ice cream. Lots of yummy food- I really like that tradition! I have just a few things to say about my darling kids.
LANDON- He is such a big helper! It is sooo nice to have a kid who just does everything he should. I rarely have to ask him to do his jobs and he quickly does anything I ask of him. In the car he always helps the other kids buckle in and puts Kates binky in her mouth. I really appreciate him- he's such a good boy!
DANIEL- (more Danielisms) So he peed his pants at a birthday party the other day and thought it was hilarious. He said he was just sooo excited about the pinata he couldn't stand it and he just peed. He wasn't at all embarrassed. He just thought it was funny. He also has decided to use the word "ain't" in his vocabulary, specifically because we told him it's not really a word. Only he uses it in place of "don't" instead of "isn't". So when asked a question, he'll respond, "I ain't know!" And, my personal favorite, he made a turkey for Thanksgiving at school and drew a mullet for his hair and wrote the turkeys name across the front: Chuck Norris (all because of you, Mike Bearden). He provides us with many laughs.
EMMA- She is my buddy. She and I paint eachothers nails when we don't have anything else to do. When Kate is awake Emma loves to hold her, rock her, burp her and lately wants to hold her standing up. She thinks she's so grown up. She loves preschool and sings and dances around the house all day. She is a joy.
KATELYN- I just can't kiss that little girl enough! She has started to smile at us and there is just nothing else like the sweet smile of a baby! She is doing well except for a fussy getting to bed routine every night that seems to be getting later and later. She is growing and getting nice and round! I do love squishy babies. She is a sweet, precious girl and she is smothered in love!


Emily McAllister said...

It sounds like you are all busy and enjoying the holidays. I can't wait to hold and kiss that baby over Christmas. We love you all and are looking forward to seeing you guys.