Monday, December 29, 2008


We had a great Christmas! It was beautiful, white and spent with our wonderful families and lots of delicious food! We were all spoiled and the kids have been having fun with all their new things! It always takes a while to recover though, doesn't it? Our house looked like a tornado in every room the day after Christmas and we stayed in our PJ's ALL day long! I don't think we've eaten many "real" meals in the past week- just lots and lots of chocolate and goodies. I really do love Christmas, but right about now I am sooo ready to put it all away and get back to schedules and all that. Can't I send my kids back to school yet? Oh well. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

Landon and his King Aurthur Mega Bloks that has approximately 10,000 pieces that took about 4 hours to put together! (I couldn't get the picture in the right spot)

Daniel got a ripstick but hasn't tested it out yet because of all the snow!

Emma loved her Fancy Nancy and Tini Puppini. The mark on her face is a bruise from my hope chest. Ouch!

Kate was as darling as could be on Christmas Eve- and smiling at Grandma McAllister.


Jill said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas. We stayed in our PJ's all day too! Needless to say we were all a bit stinky at the end. :-) Good times!

Emily McAllister said...

Merry Christmas to all of you. The pictures are so beautiful of Kate. Wow, she is just gorgeous. I so need to hold her again. Love you guys.

Romney Family said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas! I'm with you, though--ready to put it all away and get the kids back in school. It's probably a good thing it only happens once a year:)