Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funny, Funny Mother

Having a new baby and trying to do all the Christmas "stuff" is proving to be a little more stressful than normal. This makes me laugh and is such a true to life illustration of the effort us, as mothers, put into making Christmas happen.

See Mother. See Mother laugh. Mother is happy.
It is the day after Thanksgiving. Mother is happy about Christmas.
Mother has many plans. Mother has many plans for Christmas.
Mother is organized. Mother smiles all the time.
Funny, funny Mother.
See Mother. See Mother smile. Mother is happy.
The shopping is all finished. See the children watch TV.
Watch, children, watch.
See the children change their minds.
See them ask Santa for different toys.
Look, look, Mother is not smiling.
Funny, funny Mother.
See Mother. See Mother sew.
Mother will make dresses. Mother will make robes.
Mother will make shirts. Look, Mother put the zipper in backwards.
See Mother sew dresses on the wrong side.
See Mother cut the dresses too short.
See Mother put the material away until January.
Look, look, see Mother take a tranquilizer.
Funny, funny Mother.
See Mother. See Mother buy raisins and coconut.
See Mother buy candied pineapple and powdered sugar
and bananas and spices and vanilla.
Look, look, Mother is mixing everything together.
See the children press out cookies. See the flour on their elbows.
See the cookies burn. See the cake fall over.
See the children with taffy. See Mother pull her hair.
See Mother clean the kitchen with the garden hose.
Funny, funny Mother.
See Mother. See Mother wrap presents. See Mother look for the end
Of the scotch tape roll. See Mother bite her fingernails.
See Mother go. See Mother go to the store 12 times in one day.
Go, Mother, go. See Mother go faster. Run, Mother, Run.
See Mother trim the tree. See Mother have a party. See Mother make popcorn.
See Mother scrub the rug. See Mother tear up the organized plan.
See Mother forget the gift for Uncle Harold. See Mother get the hives.
Mother is disorganized. Mother is disoriented.
Funny, funny Mother.
It is finally Christmas morning. See the happy family.
See Father smile. Father is happy. Smile, Father, smile.
Father loves the fruit cake. Father loves the Christmas pudding. Father is
Happy the neighbors gave him some for Christmas. Father loves the neckties.
Look, look, see the happy children. The children will remember this Christmas.
See Mother. Mother is slumped in a chair. Mother is crying uncontrollably.
Mother does not look well. Mother had ugly dark circles under her eyes.
Everyone will help Mother to bed. Mother sleeps quietly under sedation.
See Mother smile.
Funny, funny Mother.


Layne said...

I wonder where Mother gets her tranquilizers? I wonder if Mother could hook a sister up?

Heather said...

Hey Jen,
I love that poem! Thanks for the checkin out my blog. I have no idea who "last place finisher" is, which has inspired me to go private but I do need your email address so I can send you an invite! Love ya,

Jill said...

Cute. :-) I am thinking four kids are going to DO ME IN!! I love it, but MAN it's hard to get things done. :-) I always heard that three was the one that gotcha, but I am thinking it's four. I just keep telling myself I will do better next year. Merry Christmas!!! Maybe I'll see you at TGP!!

Lisa said...

That is great!

Lisa said...

just have to say...crazy! i was commenting on your blog while you were on mine. great know!

Bamamoma said...

I only have one, I don't know how you do it with four (and one a newborn), especially when you are a VM widow. Speaking of which, Layne and I have a plan. I sent an email to Richard (I need YOUR email address!) so check it out! Seriously, we need to do this...

Julianne said...

That poem is pretty much me right now! As I am GREAT with child (due in 3 weeks) and trying to do all that I usually do, but getting sooo worn out that I can't handle it! Whatever...Anyway I am coming up the day after Christmas (Debbie is in town from Germany and they are blessing their new baby) until Monday the 29th. I would love to see everyone, even if it is just a quick breakfast. Saturday the 27th in the morning is the only time I have, but I'd love sooo much to see you all. Will you check it out from your end and let me know if it anyone could meet? I know you will have just gotten together, but why not another one!!I hope it works out! Love ya Jen!!!