Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. Here are our fun pictures. Daniel was three things this year. Better than his five costume changes of last year. I don't know why he does this- he's just Daniel!

He was Ron Weasley (Harry Potters best friend) for the Trunk or Treat. He was a cowboy at school for the day and then Batman to top off the night of Trick or Treating. What a character!

By the way, we finally settled on Katelyn Judy as the official name. And she was the cutest little pumpkin for Halloween.

Landon was a Ninja and Emma Jae was beautiful Princess Belle. I think her beautiful brown hair makes her the perfect Belle.

Ooooh! We had ginormous pumpkins to carve and therefore lots and lots of pumpkin guts! Eeeew! Emma would have nothing to do with the gutting, but the boys loved it all!


Bamamoma said...

Those are awesome Jack O Lantern faces. The kids are adorable and you are right, Emma makes a beautiful Belle.

Jill said...

Good job on having your act together! I hope you are feeling well and enjoying life. If you happen to be having a hard time, you should post about it and get lots of supportive comments.,..honeslty, it helped tons! Katelyn is SO cute!! She looks just like the dream I had about her before she was born, although in my dream she had all her teeth. lol...BTW, I laughed hard at your "needles in my back" song! Take care!

Live More Now (LMN) said...

Emma is sooo darling - what a fun little halloween. GREAT pumpkins! Including the brand new punkin. :) What a little cutey she is. Hope you are feeling well, Jenny!!

Emily McAllister said...

Loved the Halloween Costumes especially Daniels's three changes. Ethan does that every year too. This year we went back and forth between Indiana Jones and Darth Vader. Emma makes a beautiful Belle. Loved Landon's Ninja outfit and Katelyn is so beautiful. You are amazing with everything you are doing. Loved the pumpkins.