Friday, November 14, 2008

This week

Emma came with me to Katelyn's 2 week visit and tested positive for strep. Uuughh! Since the boys have had cold symptoms and the Dr. offered drugs, I took 'em! The pharmacist said, "Oh, it's not fun to be the mom at your house." But we're all OK- Emma had one icky night but is much better now! Love those antibiotics!

I love how Katelyn has her arm around Emmas shoulder- so sweet! Emma takes such good care of her baby sister. I think she would hold her all day if she could. Sometimes I have to force her to stop holding her so she can eat lunch or so I can feed Katelyn. She's a great babysitter!

Landon got a trophy at school for his reflections entry and will be going on to the next level for his 3-D art project. He entered the wolf he wood burned. He was very happy to get his first trophy- he has some medals, but they are not as special as a trophy, apparently.

Oh boy! I remember this happening after each baby. I feel like I kindof lose my identity as "Jenny". All I feel like is a machine that feeds baby, changes diapers, does laundry, scrounges up something for dinner, walks around like a zombie, and doesn't really feel much like herself. I feel like I neglect my other three children - see above. I know I'll adjust soon, and I'll find ways to make it all work. I know, woe is me. But tomorrow I am doing something for myself. I am going to join Weight Watchers and get back on the band wagon of eating good food instead of anything and everything that I see or feel that I deserve. Which is exactly what I have done for the past nine months and boy, am I feelin' it now! I gained a shameful amount of weight that I am embarrased about and I am ready to start getting rid of it. I need to be done wearing maternity clothes, people! I won't bore you with my progress (once it starts) but you better believe I will be rewarding myself for each goal I reach. I'm excited about it and am looking forward to doing something for "Jenny".


Layne said...

You are sure lucky to have such crappy friends who give you strep . . . sorry about that!

Jenny said...

It's not your fault, unless Grant kissed Emma! They all go to school and its inevitable they will get it one way or another- I don't blame you one bit!

Julianne said...

You go girl with the weight watcher thing! You'll do great! You have the tools and can do it again! I don't think you'd recognize me since the last time I saw you! I'm livin' it up during this pregnancy, which goes to show what awful eating habits I have! Ugh! Seven more weeks! I'll be joining the weightloss journey with you soon! Good luck! I remember having strep throat when Cameron was only 2 weeks old! That was crappy! I'm glad you guys got past the worst of it! Hopefully there are no more cases of it in your house!

Jill said...

I love the picture of Richard and funny!

I hope you are feeling better. I know exactly how you feel about loosing who you are. I think we both can agree that the sweet babies are worth every minute of it, but it's still hard. You (we) will slowly re-define who we are as we become use to having four kids! Slowly but surely. :-) I will tell you that week six has been a great one! I am feeling better each week and getting more and more back to normal...well, a new normal. You are so smart to do something for yourself. Let me know how it goes. We should get our two little Mom's (Ellie and Emma) together to play house with their new babies. :-)