Monday, October 13, 2008

A little pregnant pampering!

I realized after looking at my calendar that today was the last Monday I would have to myself before the baby. The kids are out of school next Monday and the following Monday is baby day. Mondays have been great because the boys are at school, Emma in preschool and I don't teach piano like I do on Wednesday mornings while Emma is at school. So I thought I'd better take advantage of these precious 2 hours today. Since I can't reach my feet anymore, I decided a pedicure was a great way to spend my time, and let me tell you, it was! The only other time I've had one was at a beauty school and it paled in comparison to this. I was the only one there because it was 10 am and this cute little old chinese lady did it. It was the most comfortable massage chair I could have ever imagined and the bubble foot bath was the perfect temperature- boiling hot, which I love! She massaged my feet and legs for such a nice, long time and it was just so nice and relaxing. And now I have beautiful feet and toes- all ready for delivery. (I always feel better when my toes are painted)! Then I decided I'd better go get a nice pumpkin spice drink from Starbucks to top off my luxurious hour and a half! Only my cute little styrofoam flip flops broke just as I walked into Starbucks so I had to throw them in the garbage! Ultimate barefoot and pregnant. I walked on my tippy toes back out to my car on the freezing asphalt with a smile on my face, a wonderful drink in my hand and the prettiest toes ever!


Bamamoma said...

good for you! I think we need a pic of the toes. :)

Lisa said...

Long time no talk huh?

Yea for you! Mom's need a couple hours to themselves every 3rd day or so. Wouldn't it be great!

So, I don't have a blog, but am on facebook. You need to get on there. Good luck with the new baby. We're so excited for you guys!

Lis -- I guess I can claim to be your oldest/longest friend. :)

Jill said...

good job jen...i am feeding my own little bundle of joy. i cant wait to see yours. we are having so much fun with him. i know you will too.

Katie said...

I get one at least once a month- it is my favorite way to relax.