Sunday, October 19, 2008

All in a days fun!

Richard, Landon and Daniel went down to Mt. Pleasant on Saturday. Originally they had considered hunting, but horse riding seemed much more fun and worthwhile to the boys. However, on the way down they stopped where my Dad and brothers were hunting just at the perfect moment to see the deer Jake and Jon had just shot. Nice timing! Then they headed to Grandma McAllisters and helped her dry apples for a while. After that they went and rode horses for a while. Landon and Daniel were very proud to have ridden all by themselves without any help from Richard. They absolutely love it. Can you blame them? Emma wasn't feeling to great. She had a slight fever and a sore throat so she and I stayed home and relaxed a bit. But the boys made it back in time to head up to my parents to see cousins (Heather was here from St. George) and go miniature golfing. I took the kids while Richard stayed and mowed the lawn, pulled up the garden and got the yard in shape for winter. It was a long day and we packed in about as much as we possibly could! Fun times! BTW- 7 more days! I'm sooooo ready!