Sunday, October 26, 2008

Go Aggies! Go Voice Male! Go Wildcats!

So I was nervous about this weekend, but we made it through Richard being away and we didn't have a baby in his absence! My mom was kind enough to stay with me on Friday night "just in case". Thanks mom! Richard spent Friday and Saturday up at USU for Homecoming and Voice Male recieved the award of Alumni of the Year. They got all the red carpet rolled out, it sounds like. I felt bad I couldn't be there, because it is quite an honor. They attended many events and got to be in the parade and sit in the Presidents box at the Football game and be honored at half-time. I just love USU in the fall and I wish I could have been there. But way to go Voice Male!

I took my kids to go see High School Musical 3 and we all loved it! We had cousins come with us and Emma and Hailey had to wear their cheerleading outfits to get in the spirit of it all! Then later that night I took the kids to a Voice Male concert in Orem. We attended the 7:00 show, but they also had a 9:00 show and Landon stayed for both. He talked me into it and because he is such a good kid, I let him. Needless to say, it was a late, late night. I'm tired and anxious for tomorrow. So many emotions go along with having a baby! But mostly I am uncomfortable and ready to get her out! I can't wait to meet her! My next post will be all baby!


G said...

Hey Richard!

I was looking up some information on your upcoming Voice Male concerts and stumbled across your blog. Congrats on the USU award. I was listening to you guys sing the Chipmunk song and it reminded me of when we sang "Pa Was Courtin' Ma" up an octave before the variety show.

I'm looking forward to your concert at Abravanel Hall!

-Gary Day