Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easter Decor- Part 2

This is something I kind of forgot about. I had this old, metal lantern. I spray painted it white (which took forever because I had to tape off every. single. window. because the glass doesn't come out) and filled it with plastic eggs, threw a bow on top, and there ya go!
After I already started my project I remembered I wanted to do a bit of a "how to". So here are the things you'll need to make this Easter topiary.
A great pot (if it has a drain hole in the bottom, be sure to plug it up with putty)
A 12 inch dowel (painted green)
A 6 inch styrofoam ball
Round (make sure you don't get flat- they won't work) toothpicks
About 4 bags of Hersheys chocolate eggs. (This will be the most expensive part)
Plaster of Paris
Easter grass
Mix up your Plaster of Paris (we added a little extra powder to make it thick and it set up really fast!) Put your dowel in and push the ball onto it- about half way through the ball) We hot glued our ball in place. Cover ball with tuelle and tie at the bottom.
Start putting chocolates on toothpicks and cover the ball! I am sad that they now only make these eggs in 3 colors. They used to have gold and purple.
The finished product!
It is a decoration until Easter and then we snack on it afterwards! Just save the base and do it again next year. When you take the toothpicks out, you'll need to use pliers. They don't come out very easy. I love this craft, and I hope you do too! :)


Mandy said...

Jen--I love all your ideas! I gotta get my easter out! I still have St Pattricks day out(opps)...well at least it isn't christmas! I love your ideas...make sure to post more!! Love ya

Heather said...

Love it!! I'm so excited to try! My friend is coming over tomorrow night with her cricket and we are going to make a few Easter and Spring crafts. I hope they turn out as cute as all of your stuff! Thanks for all the great ideas, you are so talented! Love ya@@

Daisy Chick said...

LOVE the fun crafts and I love your Easter topiary. It is so cute. It was nice to talk to you for a few minutes today. Hope your night goes well.

Lisa M Roberts said...

Great job! Super super cute!

We are so much alike - gotta have a project to get the creative juices out. It reminds me of when we would play at your house and whine to Judy, "We're soooooo bored!" and she would suggest little things to do. Good times!

Lauren said...

You crafty woman! Everything turned out so cute! I have to tell a funny story--I've been having some pregnancy complications and am in the hospital. My radiology technician was making small talk and we figured out that he grew up around the corner from Richard in Mount Pleasant. His name is Bryan Ruis (pronounced like Reese I think). Small world!

Karen and Joe said...

I love this idea! Only problem is I would want to eat the Hershey eggs NOW because they are my FAVORITE--I like them over kisses or anything, something about the roundness!
I have some ideas also but I still don't know how to put up my darn pics, one of these days!