Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

Sometimes I love it when the kids are out of school. I love having no schedule, not having to teach piano, being lazy in the mornings (oh wait, I'm always lazy in the morning!) and just hanging out. We started off the week with my piano recital. I teach my 3 oldest kids and they all did a super job- I was very proud of them! We checked the kids out early on Tuesday to avoid the BIG STORM! that never came as we went to visit friends in Payson. So we took them to Sizzler for dinner that night and pretended there was a blizzard. Wednesday the kids and I went to Harry Potter (Richard and I went first on Saturday so I got to see it twice!) and we all loved it and can hardly wait for the next movie! Thursday we went to my Dads for dinner and we had a great time! My Dad makes everything so special still! Friday we went to Cabela's and bowling and had another fun day together. Saturday was spent in Mt. Pleasant with Richards family where we shot guns, had dinner and attended the lighting of Main Street event- freezing cold! Landon and Daniel were awesome shooters- they were hitting moving targets from a thrower and they were spot on! We were really proud of them and they loved it. Here are some picture highlights - I forgot my camera on Thanksgiving Day. :(

Landon, Emma and Daniel before the recital. I should have taken one with their teacher!
The fish tanks at Cabelas

Sometimes these kids act just like these wild animals!
Kate stayed in the car during shooting watching Tinkerbell and staying nice and warm!
Daniel and Riley
Emma and Addi
Grandpa giving Landon some pointers
Landon and Richard
The very cold hay ride- it got much colder after the sun went down!


Lisa M Roberts said...

Way cute! I just love your family. Your little blonde reminds me so much of my Sophie.

Mr Lonely said...
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Heather said...

That was weird (mr lonely). I'm glad that you had so much fun. My kids are super jealous of the shooting. You look super cute in all the pics. Sorry I was so out of it on Thanksgiving, lets pray that my head holds up for our date this weekend!!