Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a good Halloween, despite the cold, rainy weather. I always like it so much better when its warm and dry. The kids had parades and parties on Friday and we went to our ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday. Most wards do it a few days before, but not ours (I don't like this). We went late so we wouldn't eat dinner because we wanted to eat at Grandpas, we had to leave before the actual Trunk or Treating began. We had to make a decision- stay at the church or head up to Grandpas. The kids chose Grandpas. My Dad made chili (from scratch!) that was most excellent and witches brew and had the tables all set cute and decorated. He's so great! We had fun Trick or Treating around his neighborhood with cousins. Daniel held up his bag after about 15 houses and said, "Look how much candy I've got! This is awesome!" I'm so glad that my kids felt like they got a lot of candy, because they really didn't, and they were happy with it! Landon and Daniel bet Richard they could go for a full week with no candy, treats or sweets. They have both done it and will be paid on Sunday if they can keep it up! Emma chose not to participate- shocker!

Kate was a beautiful Snow White- this is a re-staging (hence the purple plaid) because the real Halloween day picture was unable to join the blog.

Daniel was a spooky skeleton
Our lovely pumpkin carvings
Cousins ready for Trick or Treating at Grandpas
Emma was Jasmine, even though she insists that she doesn't like Princesses anymore.
This costume was a big hit. It was not easy to make, but I think it turned out great!
Jake and Traci were the perfect Barbie and Ken!


Layne said...

Jake's shorts are killing me.

Heather said...

Wow, so many things to say! First of all, I am lovin' Jake and Richards legs, NICE! Landons costume is my favorite of all time. Jake and Traci really are Ken and Barbie. Daniels make up looks awesome and your girls look darling.
I know that I should be used to missing out on family things, but I kinda want to cry. I would've loved spending Halloween with you. Especially when I see all the cousins together. Oh well, part of living away I guess.
You all look great and yes, dad is awesome!!! Love and miss you so much!!

Mandy said...

HA HA! I loved all the kids costumes!!! I love that you made that amazing costume for Landon! What a great idea!!! I love the picture of Jake and Tracy--His legs---HAHa...I love that You and Richard dress up...I beg brant and he always just says year!! Good for you and last but not least--You have one amazing dad!!!! That is so awesome!!

Karen and Joe said...

What a great Halloween! I love all the costumes, Landon's is so clever--I can only hot glue stuff! Jake and Traci look like they stepped out of Toy Story 3! Nobody does it like your Dad!