Monday, November 15, 2010

My funny girls

Last night I was giving Kate a bath and I started washing her body. I said, "let's wash your privates so we can be all clean."
Kate: "Pivates....cary."
Mom: "No, no...privates aren't scary!"
Kate: obviously trying to get her point across, "pivates...cary! Cary pivates!.....Aaaargh!"
And then she made a PIRATE face, like the one you see here! I was laughing so hard. Yeah, don't really want to get those confused.
Emma has been spending much of her time making these flyers. Hundreds of them. She cut them all out individually and is writing each one individually. I'm not sure anyone will hire her (except me) and I told her we don't even know as many people as she has flyers, but she persists. Oh well, it keeps her busy. Anyone need a cheap babysitter?


Heather said...

That is so stinkin' funny. I don't know, I guess some privates can be scary!! j/k That is so cute of Emma, I wish all babysitters were that affordable!! It was nice talking to you today!!! Love ya.

Rod and Jessica said...

SO cute! Don't you just wish you could freeze time with some stages and ages! I was dying laughing right along with you about your cute little Kate - and if my girls weren't so big, I'd hire Emma in a heartbeat! Maybe she can babysit my cats for 15 minutes! :)

Katie said...

HA HA HA HA- I wish you lived closer- I would pay Emma to come play with Luka all afternoon. I would get so much done:)

Emilee Porter said...

Wish you guys lived closer! Now that is a babysitter I would trust and could afford! ha ha! So stinkin cute!

Karen and Joe said...

Ya know, some of the stuff Nathan says I can't even print! Kate is so funny!
Well, if Nathan wouldn't over power her I'd hire EMMA, but she's cheaper than Ashley and that's when I'm HOME!
Now that your Dad's retiring, bring Kate by and I'll babysit FOR YOU and you can go to lunch with your Dad! (and I'm free)

Live More Now said...

Jenny! I loved this post. Pirates ARE scary and I'm just glad that I don't have to wash any of THOSE. Also, I would TOTALLY hire Emma to come babysit my doggies. That's a steal, and they would no doubt love the company! :)

Hope you and your sweet little family are all doing well. xoxoxox hjp