Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm hanging on to this

I came across one of Landon's projects from last year. I'm pretty sure it was a Valentines Day assignment. It's much cuter when you can see it in his nice, cursive handwriting with all the misspellings, but I am holding on to this and reading it at his wedding breakfast. I love it.

My future wife is pretty and beautiful.
My future wife is beautiful because she will have blue eyes and blond hair.
My future wife.
My future wife will be gorgeous.
My future wife will have a beautiful smile.
My future wife will be very, very cute.
My future wife will be an amazing person.
My future wife will be nice and kind.
My future wife will be good with kids.
My future wife will be a good singer and dancer.
My future wife will be smart, gentle and funny.
My future wife will be more gentle than the fur on a bear skin rug.


Heather said...

It sounds like he wants to marry someone just like Me!!! Just kidding! I love the bear skin rug comment. What a funny guy. I love you Jen.

Layne said...

Sounds like his dad ...

I'll call you guys about dinner. I think we should do a video!

Bamamoma said...

Now there is a guy who knows what he wants! How cute.

...dinner? I think you should come to 'bama for dinner ... come on all y'all! :) have fun and think of us briefly during your video.

Jill said...

It does sound like he wants to marry someone like his Mom. That is really sweet. :-)

Lauren said...


Lisa said...

Totally sounds like Mommy!

Rod and Jessica said...

Please tell me he's talking about Camryn!!! Arranged marriages are perfectly fine aren't they? What a romantic! I love it!

Karen and Joe said...

That is so sweet! I would frame that one!

Romney Family said...

That is so cute!!!

Live More Now said...

The bear skin rug is my favorite part! If he gets his way, sounds like his future wife will be the most beautilicious-gorgeous-ball-of-cuteness to ever walk the earth!

I hope you are hanging in there, Jenny. Think of you often. xoxoxo