Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Way to go, Grace

Today was one of those crazy, and I mean crazy, run around days. Kids going in all directions! And Kate refused (trust me, we tried!) to take a nap! I was picking Landon up from his first band practice at the school and was sure that he would'nt be able to tell which white mini van was ours in the darkening night. So I hopped out of my car and walked as quick as I could ( it was freezing and I didn't have my coat on) to the entrance. I came to the gutter where all the other vehicles were lined up waiting for kids and saw that it was full of a lot of slush, so I decided to jump over it. It was more of a leap, really. The minute my foot hit the other side, I realized I had jumped right onto a patch of ice and both feet went flying out from under me. I did a beautiful opera kind of singing scream and landed hard on my elbow and tushy! It was pretty awesome. If it didn't hurt so bad I for sure would have laughed right then and there, but the fact is, there were like 50 other parents and students that probably saw me fall. I did feel stupid. But it is pretty funny. I just took some ibuprofen and think I'll go soak in a nice, hot bath.


Heather said...

Jen I'm so sorry, but that really is funny!!! I can picture it perfectly, the opera scream and all. I also opera scream when things happen. I'm sorry that it hurt though. I hope you're okay and that your tushy will recover. Too bad for you that your tushy doesn't have a lot of padding, otherwise it may not have hurt so bad. Maybe you should rethink your diet!!! Love you, hope you recover soon!

Mindy said...

Hi Jen! I had to laugh when I read this cause I was picturing it in my head, too! It sounds like you had a fun and busy December. I was sad that we had to cancel our girls night because of the storm, but knowing how long it took you just to get to Sandy, I'm glad I didn't make the long drive. We'll have to plan something else soon! Love ya!

Karen and Joe said...

Well, better an opera scream than a swear which is probably what I would have muddered, and not have fallen so gracefully!
Hope you're feeling better!