Sunday, January 2, 2011

My most undocumented December yet

December is always oh so busy and we seem to have many things that we are running to and from. I usually try to capture most things on camera, but this year I think I must have just been lazy about it. I did snap a few shots here and there, but I didn't even have my camera on Christmas because it was hiding somewhere. So here are the few pictures I did manage to take this month. And here we go into January (blah!) and so begins dance and choir and band and basketball and piano and scouts and whew! and I'm already looking forward to warmer weather! Here are some other highlights that were not captured by the camera.

- Kate escaping from me during the final song of a Voice Male concert. I was searching the back of the concert hall for her when I heard Richard say in his microphone, during the song, "She's up here, Jenny." And Kate was running across the front row right by the stage. "That's my daughter, and here comes my wife." I had to really run to catch that little stinker. It made for a fun ending to Lion Sleeps Tonight because the words became, "she got away, she got away.......we de de de de de de de de, my daughter got away." Yeah, totally planned.

- The Hague family Christmas party where the kids got crazy amounts of balloon creatures thanks to Uncle Joe and Richard showed off his skills as a balloon wrangler. If you ever need to get helium balloons down from the ceiling of a church gym, he's your man!

- The awesome dance party we had at our house after putting on our Christmas Eve jammies and before watching a movie. We had to get our wiggles out and we all had so much fun! I love watching my kids dance!

- The Huffs boys and McAllister boys having a great time at Laser Tag and Landon whooping on all of them- even Richard and John. Boy, I bet thats tough for a grown man to handle!

- All the amazing food that has tasted so amazing and has made me feel like crap. For this reason, I welcome January and eating normal again!

- Driving to Sandy on the night of the terrible snow storm. It took me 2 hours to get from Lehi to Sandy!

- Singing with the band at a wedding that the piano player couldn't make it to because of the storm. I was able to fill in on the piano when I wasn't singing. This was a first for me, as I don't read charts and I don't improvise. I can to anything if I have music in front of me, but I managed to get the hang of it and was proud of myself for doing a decent job!

- Christmas parties with both of our families and enjoying spending time with them all.

- Kate waking up on Christmas morning and looking at all the presents and saying, "Santa Claus came to town!!!"

- Christmas Eve brunch at Dave's and going with everyone to see Tangled....loved it!

- Landon, Daniel and Emma snowshoeing into the cabin. It's not a sissy trail and even Emma did amazing and didn't whine or complain!

- New Years Eve at Lori and Troy's and driving back in -16 degrees! That's right, negative 16!!
We celebrated East coast at 10:00 but didn't leave until 11:30. All the kids eventually fell asleep in the car and Kate was the last one still up at 12:45!!!

Kate on Santa's lap- she loved Santa this year!
Sweet Emma
This is where Daniel informed me that he told Santa he wanted a red Nerf sword. This was the first time I'd heard about it and with only a few days before Christmas I found one after searching 2 Walmarts and 2 Targets. Thank you, Toys R Us!
The kids were totally into collecting rubber duckies after Voice Male concerts this year. They had 162 at one point. Most of them have been donated to other homes now.
Look at the crazy amount of snow in Fairview!


Heather said...

Even though you didn't have pictures for everything I loved that you described everything you did! I didn't know about Kate at the concert, crazy and so funny! Love the pics that you did get though!!

angelj44 said...

Sounds like you had a fun December. I loved the part about the Voice Male Concert; Richard is great to improvise on the spot. The pictures are very cute and WOW that is a lot of rubber duckies.

Karen and Joe said...

December is a crazy month, I could just picture Kate running and you chasing her!
Enjoy every moment you have with your kids! You will turn around and they will be grown before you know it!