Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I make my lasagna with regatta

I took this picture from Richards phone and can't figure out how to get the whole thing on it. Sorry Landon, you got cut off, but I still love you.

Yes, I know it's ricotta. When Richard and I were first married I was in the kitchen making a lasagna. Richard peeked over my shoulder and said, "what are you doing?" To which I replied, "putting cottage cheese in the lasagna."
"No one puts cottage cheese in their lasagna" said he.
"Every one puts cottage cheese in their lasagna" said I.
"My mom doesn't" said he.
Death stare.
After that not so wise comment I proceeded to ask everyone if they used cottage cheese in their lasagna. And pretty much every one did. Even Stouffer's. I actually now have 2 recipes that I alternate, one with ricotta and one with cottage cheese. What do you use?

Anyway, lasagna isn't really the topic. Tonight was the Rain Gutter Regatta for scouts. Of course we waited until last night to make them. So hours before the event I was cursing the boats as I glued and did all the stuff that the kids can't do alone anyway. We read a few tips on the internet and I did most of the work. I was not happy about spending so much time on them this afternoon or about the loads of super glue that ended up on my hand. But Landon took 4th and Daniel took 3rd out of 21 boys! It was really good for Daniel to win. It was a single elimination and Daniel and Landon each got to race their boats 4 times, ultimately racing against each other for 3rd and 4th place! The leaders didn't really think the brackets through very well, but I think they could have taken 2nd and 3rd easy! It was a much better experience than the pinewood derby has ever been. Plus there is some actual skill in how you race your boat and how you blow it. I'm just happy they did so well. Pat, pat. (Patting myself on the back.)


Layne said...

I'm so sure Richard's mom went and found ricotta cheese in the grocery store in Mt. Pleasant. I'm sure they have it there, like all other super-small rural towns do.

It's good with either or both. Now I'm hungry.

Jill said...

I use cottage cheese...mostly because it's cheaper. :-)

BTW I made shish-ka-bobs tonight and they were so good! Who knew olive oil and kosher salt could flavor so well! Thanks for the tip:-)

Good job on the boat!:-)

Jill said...
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Heather said...

I don't make my own lasagna, so there. I'm a lazy girl and I use stoffers. Although, when I make skillet lasagna I use cottage cheese. (it's your recipe)
Good job boys (and Jenny) I'm a last minute person too and I always end up being so mad at myself for waiting because then I'm so frazzled. Love you so much!

Bamamoma said...

I alternate too.

I can't believe Richard made the crucial error of comparing your cooking to his mother's. I really thought he was smarter than that! :)

Anonymous said...


Karen and Joe said...

i am like Heather, totally Stouffer's all the way! This is due to the fact that I grew up spoiled rotten with Grandma's lasagna(which is such a weird word anyway) that DID have ricotta in it and ground beef and italian sausage and cost about $25 to make! it's much cheaper to just buy the darn thing!
Way to go Landon and Daniel---we opted out of scouts so far with Nathan, too much work so we'll see what happens next year when he turns 12, those leaders don't know what they are getting themselves into! RUNAWAY SCOUT!

Lauren said...

I am laughing out loud. About the lasagna. My mom and I also put cottage cheese in our lasagna. Christopher's mom does not. We just had the same conversation last week. Haha!