Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fish Lake

We went to beautiful Fish Lake this year. It was truly bittersweet without my Mom there, but we really did have a wonderful time. It was hard to believe that the last time we were there she was too and we all missed her like crazy. My Dad was so wonderful and made our whole trip possible. I'll just let the pictures do the talking! Thanks for everything, Dad! Sorry for the picture overload, but I just couldn't narrow it down!

This guy deserved a spot on the blog- seriously! How does he even stand up?
Richard and Brent took the kids on a nice, long hike
The view from the top down to Bowery Haven
Look at all those cute kids!
Oh, so cute!
Hailey and Emma with their wildflower boquets
The marshmallow contest. Disgusting! But hilarious!
Brent, still able to stick out his tongue- there's room for more!
Richard won with 19 marshmallows!
Landon and Daniel got about 5 or 6 in before gagging them into the fire
Michelle, Heather and I playing Rummikub. This was my Moms favorite game and we always played it at Fish Lake with her!
Jake and his ugly concentration face
Dave- its hard to put in more when you are laughing!
Emma and the "perfect" toasted marshmallows
Gotta love smores!
Me and Dad
A bunch of us at the Lodge
These are the t-shirts I made. The kids got to color them with fabric markers and it was really fun!
The back of the t-shirts
Working on coloring our t-shirts
I love this picture of Emma and Grandpa
Me and my girls. I can't believe how dark Emma's hair is and how light Kate's is!
Kate even got in on the driving action!
Emma on the perfectly glassy lake
The boys with a great catch!
Love that early morning glass!
Daniel was loving driving the boat!
Great catch Landon!
Grandpa with Landon and Daniel
We kept busy with games and baseball when the afternoon was too choppy to go out on the lake.
Landon got to ride to Fish Lake with Grandpa and keep him company and help unload. Landon said he was so glad he went with him- they had a great time!


Karen and Joe said...

Jenny, I love your pictures! As I scrolled down though the tears started rolling down my bittersweet. Your Mom would want you guys to keep on having fun though because that's what she was all about!
I love the shirts you made! What a great idea! I love you and your Dad!

Romney Family said...

What a great trip! I love those cute t-shirts. You have such a cute family :)

Heather said...

It really was so fun, and yes, bittersweet. Thank goodness for Dad. The shirts turned out great. Thanks for all the effort that you put into the crafts and things, you are so awesome. I'm going to have to steel some of your pictures for my post. My head hasn't been great so I haven't had a chance yet, but I'll get there!!!

Lisa said...

How awesome! So many great pics! It's a little creepy though...I had almost the exact same blog post a year ago. Same locations and everything. So funny!

Lauren said...

The t-shirts were so cute! When our family gets bigger I am so going to do that! I love the picture of Richard and all the kids on the tree :).