Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a good Memorial Day spent in Mt. Pleasant. We also visited my Mom's grave on Sunday and watched the DVD of pictures we made of her life. We all had a good cry! Here are pictures of our day in Mt. Pleasant. No pictures of the boys riding horses because they are still nervous after getting bucked off last year. They were great spectators and the girls loved every minute!

Trying to keep Kate busy!
Me and the kids with Grandpa McAllister
Emma riding Ginger, led by Leah. When Emma got off she told me that Leah told her the secret to riding a horse. "What is it?" I asked. (Long pause) Emma replied, "I forgot." But she did a great job riding and didn't even get nervous when Richard was leading and her horse got spooked and stepped on Richards foot. Ow! He has a nice bruise on his ankle.
This little girl rode with me first, but then was hooked! She would not get off for anything and rode all by herself!
Emma and cousin Gracie
Playing with the bummer lambs
Petting the chickens
Kate and cousin Ethan
Our family at the Fairview cemetary


Heather said...

I'm glad that you had a good holiday. I bet your kids just love going to Mt. Pleasant. All of my friends asked me if memorial day was hard for me. I told them not really, it feels like everyday is memorial day. I feel like I am constantly reminded of her and she is always on my mind. I know you get it. Can't wait for fish lake!

Lisa said...

They're all so dang cute! Especially your little toe-head. I love her scrunchy smiles! :)

Karen and Joe said...

I liked what Heather wrote--how every day seems like memorial day. That's how it should be.
I'm glad the kids and you and Richard had a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

好的部落格,希望您能繼續堅持!!! ........................................