Monday, November 30, 2009


I didn't have my camera much this year. But we still had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent Thursday in Mt. Pleasant with Richards family and Friday at my Dads with my family. Fortunately, my sister Heather took a few pictures that I could steal off her blog and put onto mine. Thanks, Heath. I just love these pictures because you can see what an awesome job my Dad did of putting together Thanksgiving and making it special for all of us. I truly don't think my Mom could have even done it any better. Not only did he host and do the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy and his famous artichoke dip, (with help in the kitchen from Heather), he bought activity books and colored pencils for the kids, set up a special "activity table" for them and gave us all a very special, tender letter and gift. Oh, he also put together "The Box" that my Mom always used to give each family on Thanksgiving. There are 24 little bags in the box, one to open each day of December and he did it all! He has been so amazing and this year I am most thankful for him.

Dad and Heather busy at work in the kitchen.
Look how cute he is with his recipe book and his Diet Coke.
The kids enjoying their books at the activity table.
My sister-in-law Michelle made these beautiful ornaments for each of us. So wonderful, and the center and most special ornament on our tree.
Jon and Dad trimming the tree and doing a beautiful job!


Heather said...

I am also most Thankful for Dad this year! He truly is amazing. It is impossible to be sad when he is around. We have such an awesome family! Can't wait to do it again at Christmas.
p.s. Thanks for helping me with the tree, I'm a retard!

Karen and Joe said...

You guys are amazing! I love you and your Dad! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Daisy Chick said...

What a fun day. I am glad it was so much fun. Your Dad is awesome. It was so nice to visit with you this past week. Looking forward to Christmas. Hope you have a good month. Love you lots.

Katie said...

I seriously can't read your blog these days without crying. Your family is so awesome and strong. Your dad is truly amazing and a wonderful example of faith and love.

Rod and Jessica said...

Way to make me cry! What a sweetheart - and what a great way to honor your mom! He obviously paid very close attention over the years! :) What incredible memories your kids will have of both grandparents!

Mike and Erin said...

It looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving, I just saw the pictures of Kate at your Mom's grave - wow. Children are really so close to Heaven, I am sure she could feel your Mom there. Good luck getting rid of the dog!