Thursday, November 19, 2009

What should I do?

Remember in my last post how I mentioned a dog? Yes, a dog. Her name is Izzy and she has been living with us for about a month now. She belongs(ed) to Traci, my new sister-in-law. Their condo doesn't allow dogs, or it costs some crazy fee to have them and so they offered her to us. It kind of started out as we would watch her while they were on their honeymoon, but if we liked her we could keep her sorta thing. And here's the thing. We probably should have never agreed to it in the first place. I am a dog liker, not a dog lover. Richard is great with any animal and the kids just love her. After the first few days I actually got a few hives on my neck and Richard told the kids that if I was allergic we wouldn't be able to keep her. "No fair!" they said. "C'mon guys, if you had to choose between me and the dog, what would it be?" I said. After a long pause, they said, "ugh...that's a hard one!" We were planning on getting a dog next summer, a dog of our own choosing. But now, even though Jake and Traci would be happy to find a new home for her, I just don't know what to do. My kids love her. She sleeps with them every night. Kate even says her name and it is the cutest thing ever. But I am the one who is home all day and listens to her bark at every freaking person that passes my house. She barks at every piano student and then has to sniff them for 5 minutes and often camps out at their feet during lessons. Even as I am writing this I am pausing to go tell her to SHUT UP! because Kate is asleep for crying out loud! Kate gets into her food and water (and spills it all over the kitchen floor) multiple times a day. Izzy has even pooped in the toy room so many times that I've lost count. I found dirty diapers stashed under my bed that the dog had pulled out of the garbage! So....what do I do? I need advice! The kids really do love her, but I am not really on the bandwagon. Do I get rid of her and have my kids all mad at me for it, or do we keep her and I just deal with it?


Layne said...

Shut it down. You should get to choose a dog that everyone is happy with, but mostly you, since you're the one who will tend and clean up after it.

Also, she sounds like she has dominance issues (like many small dogs) and she's going to end up biting one of your kids.

Besides, it's not like she is THE dog your kids have been pining for all this long time. Find a nice dog that likes to sleep with them and they won't even remember this one.

Hi there, I'm the Wet Blanket!


When Joe found out I was pregnant with Nathan he said, "well if you're having one more kid then I finally get to have a dog" and proceeded to bring a puppy home on Christmas Eve!
I AM NOT a dog lover or liker!
We kept Selkie for about 2 years and she had to be outside and after no one really wanting to do the dirty work other than Joe, and me being overwhelmed with kids on oxygen and having surgeries I had had enough.
We finally gave her away and the kids were upset but they have since forgiven me (I think!) Although Ashley really wants a cat and when I tell her I'm allergic she says "well, we'll just have to get rid of YOU!"
Good Luck!

Romney Family said...

We have done the "dog business" too. My advice would be to GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!! The mom is always the one who ends up taking care of EVERYTHING related to the dog, and if you're not happy now, believe me, it's not going to get better. The kids will be sad for a little bit, but they'll get over it. Mine barely mention our dog anymore--it would better to do it now before they get even more attached. Most importantly, it goes back to the old saying, "If the Mom's not happy, the family's not happy." Good luck!!!

Jill said...

Seriously...get rid of it. It already sounds like it is bringing out the worst in you...(which my dog did to me!) and your kids want a happy, non-hived Mother taking care of them! I think you need to have a natural affection for the animal you choose. Otherwise you will be resentful and annoyed most of the time...(I am speaking from expierience...not with Brandon..but with another dog we "tried out") You gotta good thing going here with the hives...that's the perfect excuse! That dog definatley sounds like an "only child dog" in IT is the ONLY child. Give it to someone who wants to spoil it. When I listed Brandon as "Free to a Good Home" on KSL, I got like 15 calls in one day! Good luck!!!

Bamamoma said...

Dump the dog! I support what everyone else has said. Phil and I have had the "dog discussion" since we got engaged. I'd prefer no dog. He want an indoor dog. My "compromise" is an outdoor dog but he says we can't get one until I agree to having one inside. To which I say, "even better!"

Maybe you could find a dog-loving neighbor to take it so that the kids can still visit.

Heather said...

If you haven't figured it out by now you should ditch the dog. Remember buffy? We all forgave mom. You are an awesome mom and don't need more on your plate! Good luck! Can't wait to see you next week!!!