Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A pile of rocks

For Labor Day we went on a nice hike up Fairview Canyon with Richards family. It was a little steeper than I expected and made me realize how out of shape I am. Having an extra 20 pound baby on my back didn't help much. We hiked to this lovely pile of rocks, which some say is Charlies Monument (you know, like the book, which I said I read, but I didn't really, I was thinking of "Charlie" by Jack Weyland, not "Charlies Monument" by oh, shoot, I can't remember.) Anyway, it was fun and the weather was nice and then we had lunch at the cabin! And Grandpa McAllister almost tipped the 6-wheeler over because it was so steep and he went down the hill anyway and three wheels came off the ground and it made me physically sick to watch. I was sure he would tip it over. We had a fun day!

Here's Daniel and Grandma McAllister

At the top of the hike, a very pretty view. Of the mountains, not me.


Rod and Jessica said...

How fun! I have family from Fairview - lots of 'em! The real question is why do YOU have Kate on YOUR back (RICHARD!)??? Just kidding! Way to go Supermom!

Jenny said...

Don't worry, he had her on the way back. (Which of course was all down hill!):)

Daisy Chick said...

We were sad we missed being with you guys but glad you had a great weekend and you look great. Hope all is well. Love ya.