Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coloring Contest Cake

A few weeks back I took my kids to Maggie Moos for a treat, which is WAY overpriced but so delicious. They had a little coloring contest going on so we took some home and brought them back once the kids had done their best. The winner would recieve a free ice cream cake! A few nights ago Daniel got a call from Maggie Moos and so I gave him the phone. He was so thrilled to find out that he had won! So last night we went to go claim his prize. We purchased $14 worth of ice cream creations and then got to the register to pick out his special cake. I told the girl Daniels name and she said, "Oh, wait...he won 2nd place , so he just gets a free kids size ice cream." Well, we came expecting the cake and Daniel said the lady on the phone told him he won a cake and she even said 6 inch. I know the girl at the counter probably shouldn't have given us the cake for free (even the little 6 inch costs $19.95!!) but she did because she felt sorry about the misunderstanding, and trust me, Daniel probably would have been in tears if he didn't get his cake! So, thanks Maggie Moos, for the free cake! And good job Daniel, for coloring your best!


Heather said...

Good Job Dan, that's would have sucked if you would have had to pay 20 bucks for a little cake. Tell him I said good job. Thanks again for the hand-me-downs, I really appreciate it. Did Landon get his gameboy? We left it in the basket at moms. Love ya, Heather

Layne said...

Yay, Daniel! You are the winningest winner of all.