Monday, July 27, 2009

Park City

My parents have a time share condo every other year in Park City and we had a great week with everyone! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything!

My red, white and blue kids

What a work of art!

My snow white Emma and bronze beauty Kate

I had to get a pic of these girls together to show how dark Kate is and how light Olivia is!

What a goofball!

Fun times in the pool!

Daniel is getting OFF the lift because he panicked at the top and decided the zip line was not what he wanted to do!

Richard and Landon loved the zip line!

Fun with the Family

Jenny, Mom, Dad and Jon

My cute mom rode the zip line and loved it!

At the top she said, "If my wig comes off, I'm gonna die!"

Grandpa Kevin and Landon went down together

Enjoying slurpees from 7-11 after a nice ride down the Gondola

Just chillin'


Jill said...

Kate is getting so BIG! What a cutie! What a tan! Jack would look like an Albino compared to her. It looks like you had so much fun!!

Heather said...

Cute pictures Jen. We had such a fun time with you and it was so good to be with you. My boys loved playing with your kids. Landon and Daniel are so good to Carter and Parker. I was suprised at how well Parker and Emma played. It was so cute and made me really happy! I love ya!