Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What I hear

I love my kids, but on a daily basis these are some of the things they say, and then there is what I actually hear.

"Can I help you do that?"
What I hear: Can we make this project/cooking dinner last twice as long and make twice the mess?

"Can I be excused?"
What I hear: Can I have something different in about 20 minutes?

"Can I play with a friend?"
What I hear: Can I just not do my jobs today?

"Can I do it later?"
What I hear: Can I not do it at all?

"Can I hold Kate?" (This is mostly Emma)
What I hear: Do you mind if I make Kate cry?

"Can I watch one more episode before I go to bed?"
What I hear: You don't care if I'm super cranky tomorrow, do you?

"I'm really, really sorry about the counter."
What I hear: I didn't think that permanent jumbo marker would go all the way through the paper.

I really do have great kids and I love them and fortunately they give me lots of hugs and kisses where they don't say anything at all.
What I hear: "I love you"


Rod and Jessica said...

That was a darling post! At least your kids say it all nicely - mine just whine and say it how it is! :) Tyleigh has been begging for a play-date! We'll be calling you soon! Thanks for the cute reminder on why we're moms - and why somewhere along the way, it really is all worth it!

Lisa said...


Layne said...

Hey, I think our kids speak the same language!

There's also the one where they smile at you without saying anything, and what you hear is, "I'm feeling mischievous and as soon as you turn your back something is going to be ruined."

Romney Family said...

I definitely hear what you hear!!!!