Friday, June 19, 2009

Flower power

My mom is a super talented lady and she loves doing projects. She is always crocheting, cross-stitching, sewing, recovering furniture (remember my couches!), painting, decorating and just being super creative. She gets an idea in her head and stops at nothing until it is done and done well. She is amazing and has a really good eye for things. She noticed some "empty" space in my front room and thought a big flower arrangement would be just right. Of course I never hesitate to let my mom do a project for me because #1 she does an awesome job and #2 it beautifies my home! She just went to town and put it all together and viola! Thank you so, so much mom! I love it and it looks gorgeous. By the way, the pictures don't really do it justice. You kinda have to see it in person to understand how big and beautiful it is, but I think you get the idea!


Heather said...

WORD!!! Our Mom is super talented. I keep hoping I will grow up to be like her, but it seems like she has always been this way. I'll keep hoping. It really does look beautiful. I love it. Way to go Mom.

Allison - said...

That is beautiful. And completely not a surprise coming from your mom. Say hi to her for me : )

Lisa said...

Your mom is AMAZING! Tell her I love her!

LMN said...

Jen, it totally looks amazing! Woohoo.

I've been thinking about your mom lately and wishing her and you guys all the best.