Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look at her go!

Four year old Emma just learned to ride a two wheeler! It took her all of about 30 minutes! We were all super impressed- she even learned faster than the boys did! Here's the trick, if you have any kids that will be trying to ride a two wheeler you need to do this because it really works and then you don't have to run behind the bike holding on to the seat and there is really no falling down. Take the training wheels AND the pedals off. This way they have to use their legs to push, coast and balance. It works best if you have a small decline for them to coast down. They can ride this way for a day or two or a just a few hours. In Emma's case, 20 minutes did the trick! Way to go Emma Jae!


Katie said...

Cooper did that too- he learned two months after he turned 4- the same day Savannah learned- he was not going to let her outdo him as usual.