Thursday, August 21, 2008

McAllister Family Reunion Fun

We had a fun time at the McAllister Family Reunion at a cabin in Mt. Pleasant canyon. Lori was in charge of all the happenings and put together a really cute "Olympics" theme. The kids enjoyed all the Olympic games, awards, flags, torch run...thanks, Lori! It's always fun to spend time with family and get to know eachother better! In this event the kids made their own swim goggles out of pipe cleaners.
Here the kids are on their "Parade" with all the wonderful flags they created.
The each recieved a delicious gold medal for their participation in all the games!

We went on a great hike up Box Canyon on Friday. I ended up having to sit and wait part of the time because this belly of mine just wouldn't fit through some of the crevices in the rock. And I really didn't want to risk the chance of a fall. The kids did great though!
There is a cool cave at the top of this thing (or so I'm told). Landon is the one at the very top.
Here's the whole hiking group. I chose to take the picture rather than be in it, thank you.

Dan the Man.
The kids can never really get enough of riding the 4-wheeler with Richard. Of course, they love that he kinda lets them drive by themselves!
Emma and her flag creation.
Fun times, and a great end to our summer. There was a hint of fall in the air in the evenings and we even had to put on the jackets. It was nice and made me excited for fall! The boys started school on Monday and have been doing great. The next blog will include first day of school pics!


Bamamoma said...

What a fun reunion theme. I LOVE family reunions! I also love the "hint of fall" it makes me jealous since we are about two months away from any hints...alas.

I'm so excited that we get to come in October - I will get to see your little one while she's still little!

Julianne said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! You have got to be getting many more weeks? We find out on Wednesday what we are having. More testosterone??? we'll see!

The Five Reids said...

Jenny it was good to see you at the mall. Your kids are cute. Are we allowed to have kids that old? Good luck on the new addition. I'll add you to my friends to keep tabs.