Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!

It was the boys birthday on Saturday. It's kindof fun to have them on the same day, but I always feel a little bad that maybe they don't get a chance to have their own special day. However, this year we've spread their birthday out over a few days, so I think they are okay with it. We spent the last few days at the McAllister Family Reunion (pics to come on the next blog) and therefore they did not get to open presents from us at home until this morning. We did celebrate at the reunion yesterday with presents, cake and ice cream and a pinata. This Friday they will spend the night at my mom and dads for a birthday sleepover/shopping trip. Here they are yesterday as well as a few pictures from birthdays past. I'm missing a couple of years it seems, but these are what I could round up. Landon is 8 (and will be baptized in September!) and Daniel is 6

Our sweet baby Landon on his first birthday. It seems so long ago that he was that small.
Landons best present on his two year old birthday was his baby brother Daniel.
We went camping this year on their birthday when they turned three and one
True cowboys with their beloved hats turning four and two
Last year in Park City. Seven and five.
Five things we love about Landon:
1) You are so obedient. We rarely have to ask you more than once to do anything!
2) You have great faith. Whenever anything is wrong, you know a prayer or a blessing will help.
3) You love to be a leader. You are so good at taking charge with younger cousins and helping everyone feel included and have fun.
4) You are an amazing eater. You can eat as much as Mom and Dad, you are not picky, and you are super passionate about good food.
5) You catch on to anything you try and you do it well. We love watching you excel in school, piano, sports, art, or anything you try!
Five things we love about Daniel:
1) You are hilarious. You make us laugh on a daily basis. You are just a dang, funny kid.
2) You have an amazing body and we love how strong your muscles are and how soft your skin is!
3) You have such a sweet, gentle side. There is nothing like your angel face when you are holding a baby.
4) You love to sing and we love to listen to you. You've had a fascination with microphones and Voice Male since you could talk and you can already sing higher than Dad.
5) You are a good friend to others. Especially Emma and we love how well you play with her!
We love you both so much and are so happy you are a part of our family!


Burt Family said...

Your boys are so handsome. Hard to believe Landon will be baptized. Our Tori is getting baptized this weekend in the ocean. When did they get to be so big? :)

Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday Landon and Daniel. Looks like they had a good one!!!