Sunday, August 10, 2008


After a family prayer given by Richard:
"Mom and Dad, I kept my eyes closed during the entire prayer.......but Emma didn't!"

Upon seeing the mess of fish food flakes all over the counter I yelled down the stairs to Daniel,
"Daniel, next time you want to feed the fish, ask me or Dad to help you!"
Richard said, "Daniel, Mom's talking to you....what did she just say?"
After a nice pause Daniel replied, "Um....I don't know, but I'm not gonna do it again."

Last Sunday morning all five of us were in our bed (an all too common occurance...yes, I know, one day we'll look back and miss these times) and I happen to have no pj bottoms on (c'mon- it's my bed) and Daniel must have been in fairly close proximity to my rear because I heard him say from under the covers, "Mom, you have a wedgie, I'm gonna fix it for ya." And he did. Hopefully that is the first and last time anyone ever takes care of that for me again!


Layne said...

I remember when my sisters and I would all pile into my mom and dad's bed. They had a full, though, so count your blessings.

Emily McAllister said...

I loved reading about Daniel-ism's because I love what Dan has to say. He always makes me smile and I love his hugs everytime I see him and how sweet he always is to Grace. Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

Hilarious! I hope you do more Daniel-isms as they come!

Bamamoma said...

Oh my, I am laughing as I type, that is just too funny.

It was so fun to see you guys over the last couple of weeks. Landon was too cute with Eden at the park. So fun.

Michelle said...

Daniel makes me smile:)