Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spray painted microwave and other fun projects!

Lately I have been doing a lot of painting.  I have a whole list of projects I've been wanting to do and I'm so happy about the ones I have done.  I think my "list" is never ending, and Richard is so nice to be patient with me and all my crazy ideas.  I'm sure he gets sick of me asking him for the 20th time which shade of white looks best!  So here we go- it's project show off time!  Please forgive my bad camera (we just got a new one and obviously I didn't use it in these pictures).  Also, please forgive the lighting- it's kinda crappy.  Also, please excuse the messes!  I didn't "stage" these photos very well.  They come complete with messes and real life- the way my house usually looks!

We added our bathroom/laundry room the same year my parents redid their kitchen, so they gave us some great (and free!) cabinets.  I am so done with oak, and so they got a nice makeover in white.  I love how it turned out and I love how crisp and bright the laundry room feels now!  I had to have Richard hold up the cabinets because I had already taken the doors off and forgot to take before pictures!

 Next came the bathroom vanities.  The laundry room vanity (not pictured) was already white, so that was easy, but both of our other bathrooms were that lovely oak, so they received makeovers in black.  We also added brushed nickel pulls and knobs.  Just a reminder...ignore the messes!  This is my bathroom.
 Here is the kids bathroom.  The next thing to go in here is the floor.  I hate it.  It's on my to do list!
 Major project!  This took me a looooong time!  Once again, the oak had to go!  I sanded for hours to get these down to bare wood!  I love how it turned out!  The spindles took forever to paint.  I have an entire wall of them behind my kitchen table that all got painted as well!  HOURS people!  But SO worth it!

And finally, as my title indicated, I spray painted my microwave!  I didn't take a before- so sorry! So here is a during and an after.  The whole thing had become a dingy, yellowish white and I thought I had nothing to loose, so I just went for it.  I had already unscrewed the vent along the top and spray painted it separately.  It turned out great and really brightened it up!  I couldn't get to the white under the glass, but it was the best white on the whole thing to begin with.  Now its the worst!  I think it worked out great!  And notice the paint swatches on the cabinets....oh yes, they are the next to go!  Yay!  Can't wait! :)


Layne said...

It looks so good! You are a busy girl and I love your banister.

Jill said...

Did you do oil paint? I love how it all turned out. Maybe I will start something now that I am freshly inspired. :-)

Jenny said...

Jill, I did an oil based primer and did latex 100% acrylic on the black and white. The rail was done with minwax gel stain in walnut.

Katie said...

So beautiful. I need your motivation!

Rod and Jess said...

PLEASE pass on some of your ambition! WOW! It looks beautiful! You have quite the touch! :)

Lisa said...

You crack me up! You've got the painting bug like me and A LOT of Judy in you!!! I still remember her tiling floors. :) It all looks great Jen!

Daisy Chick said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your fun paint jobs. The banister looks fantastic and I love the black in the bathrooms. Very impressive with the microwave. I love spray paint. So excited for your cabinets. Did Richard give you the message about the paint color? Let me know if you still need it. Hope you are well.

Granna Girl said...

How did you prepare the surface of the microwave? Rough it up? Sand it? What brand of spray did you use?

Unknown said...

What kind of paint did you use on the microwave?