Monday, July 18, 2011

More summer happenings

There are plenty of things that make summer a little crazy, but overall I truly love summer. I love going to the pool, I love flip flops (and cutting down on my sock load of laundry), I love snow cones, watermelon, corn on the cob, more laid back schedules, all that stuff. I love spending time with my kids and doing fun things with them. I love that Kate can jump into the pool 50 times in a row and never get sick of it. I love that my 3 oldest can go to the pool by themselves. I love riding my bike to Maceys with Kate in the great bike trailer that our generous neighbors gave us. I love that Landon can babysit Kate so I can run errands...and he wants to because I pay him a little and it is so worth it! Here are a few random summer pictures.

On the way home from a family reunion the boys found a roll of duct tape in the car and kept themselves occupied!
I know this is silly to post, but I love this picture because the flash caught my earring and I think it looks really cool!
I had a great birthday and that evening we celebrated with three other people in our ward who all share the same birthday. I am the youngest, and I still think my birthday is the best because of the year! 7-7-77! Our friends were so nice to have a fun BBQ for all of us!
Travis, Jenny, Julia and Eric

Last weekend Voice Male sang at Abravanel Hall with the American Heritage Chorus and Orchestra. It was a great, patriotic program and very neat to be a part of! This is our family with Phil, another Lehi-ite who sang in the chorus!
On the list for this week:
Painting my kitchen table and chairs, singing with my band, Kate getting tubes, having a family pool party/BBQ, attending another family reunion, seeing Harry Potter and lots of swimming!


Karen and Joe said...

First off, LOVE the picture of Landon and Daniel! They should do that for Halloween! Who needs video games when there is duct tape around. Joe and another friend totally duct taped me all over my senior year but that's another story...
I always tell my kids that it's your birthday and that you were born 7-7-77! I'm glad you had a great day!
I love Kate's pic( showing some skin,yeah!) Ash and I went and saw Harry on Sat. and loved it! Enjoy it!
I can't say this enough, savour every moment with them while they are young and still making good choices and while you're all together as a family. I look back at our pictures when they are younger (especially James) and don't know where the times has gone. Before you know it, they are living in Logan,Provo, and Scotland and you don't see them all the time. Always enjoy the journey. Life is a circus, and your kids are not the side show but the main event!
Love ya!

Heather said...

Love the post! Your boys crack me up! I like that picture with your earing because your face looks skinny!! We have been having a Harry Potter marathon of our own and rewatching them all so we can go see the new one. Carter has only seen the first 2 but I think he's finally old enough to enjoy them and not be scared! I'm glad that you had a great b-day! Love you so much!!!

Jenny said...

Yeah, my face looks skinny, but the rest of me is pretty darn squishy!

Jenny said...

Karen, thanks for your kids are indeed the main event! Richard is the sideshow!

Mandy said...

I love all the pictures!!! I missed seeing you guys on the fourth! It is so hard when Brants family does there tradition on the same day...Anyway--Hopefully we can see you next year!!! your kids are darling and I love your positive attitude about life. You always inspire me!:)

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