Thursday, January 7, 2010

My compliments to the chef

Last night was Daniels first basketball game and Richard was at Young Mens, so I took Daniel, Emma and Kate with me. Landon opted to stay home and called me about 15 minutes later to say he was bored and wondered if I had ingredients to make a smoothie. Well, I didn't, and he asked what he could do, so I told him to make brownies! When we came home an hour later, the house smelled divine (that's a Judy word) and there was a beautiful pan of brownies fresh out of the oven! I was so impressed...they were perfect! I love it when kids can do things on their own, and do them well. Daniel can also make a ham and cheese omelet from start to finish without help! Now if I could just get them to do their laundry! Oh, and Kate loved the basketball game. I spent the entire time chasing her and yanking her off the court. She knew it was naughty and she thought it was the funniest thing ever! Stinker!


Bamamoma said...

yum, now I want brownies!

Heather said...

What awesome kids you have. I remember mom used to let me and my friends make chocolate chip cookies everyday after school. I can see now why she didn't mind. Your kids are too cute. Love ya!

Karen and Joe said...

I am impressed! Tell Landon that he can come make brownies at my house any time!