Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Strawberry

Would you look at the size of this monster! Maybe it doesn't deserve to be blogged about, but it is pretty exceptional. It's basically 3 strawberries all grown together. And that's my hand, not one of my kids! Well anyway, I guess I bought that particular box because of this one freak of nature. So, apparently it does deserve to be blogged about. I can't wait to eat it!


Layne said...

Should you really eat it? Shouldn't you instead build a shrine so people can make pilgrimages to worship it? It's like it was fertilized with spent nuclear fuel rods.

Brittney said...

That's so funny, because anytime I see a strawberry like that, I purposely don't buy the box because it freaks me out! You're braver than me.

Jill said...

Take a picture of you shoving the whole thing in your THAT would be blog worthy. lol

PS How is Kate? Did the medicine work?