Saturday, September 13, 2008

The "nature" of our conversation

I borrowed a bassinet from a friend the other day. On the way home Emma asked if she could please keep it in her room, please!! I told her that would be fine, but once the baby comes I will need to move it into my room. Here's the rest of the conversation:

"Why does it have to be in your room?"

"So the baby doesn't wake you up at night and so that I can change her and feed her."

"Silly mom, babies can just feed themselves bottles!"

"No, Emma, they can't, not when they are just tiny newborns. And plus, I'm not giving the baby a bottle, I'll just nurse her."

"Whats nursing?"

"Well, you know these (pointing to you know whats)...when a mommy has a baby, her body makes milk and then the baby can drink out of them and get the food it needs!"

"Can't you just set the baby down and open her mouth and squirt it in?"

(laughing)"Not exactly. It works a lot better if the baby just sucks it out like a bottle."

"That's funny mommy."

"It is a little bit funny sounding, Emma, but that's the way Heavenly Father made mommies bodies- so that they can feed babies. And when you are a mommy, you can feed babies too!"

(clearly disturbed) "I don't want to feed babies when I grow up- I want to be a lifeguard!"

Later that day I heard her say this to two friends she was playing with upstairs.
"Hey guys...guess what? My mom says that when our baby comes out, she's gonna hold it up to these ( I can only guess what she was doing) and the baby is going to suck milk out of them!!!!"

Fortunately, her friend said, "yeah, that's how my mom fed our baby too!" End of conversation!
I'm sure we'll have a few more of these conversations when the baby is born and curiosity sets in once more! And maybe someday, after she's a lifeguard, of course, she'll want to feed her babies too!


Layne said...

Love those conversations. Once I had to explain to Emmett where the baby lives when it's in my tummy, and where it comes out. Then he went and explained it to his preschool class.

Jill said...

That's hilarious. I need my girls to read this post so I don't have to explain it to them.:-)

Burt Family said...

Thanks for the laugh today.

Live More Now (LMN) said...

that is hilarious! i can't wait to feed babies out of "those things" when I do finally have babies, and then let them grow into little kids so we can have conversations about feeding babies out of those things. love you, Jenny! love your stories, too, heather

Jill said...

Hey Jen..I never know where to respond to any questions I get on my blog...mine or yours? Anyway..I am at a three as far as dialation goes..(TMI for a blog)..and have been contracting all week. I don't know when this little guy is going to decide to come. I am scheduled to be induced on the 29th! How are you feeling!?!?