Friday, September 19, 2008

A Fair Day

Last Saturday we went to the Utah State Fair, which has always been a tradition of ours. (With the exception of only one year where it was raining cats and dogs.) There are some things I really like about it, but this year I think there were more things I found I didn't like. Like that my kids are wanting more rides, more treats, more stupid toys that are all a complete waste of money and the parking was horrendous and we still ended up spending $10 just for a parking space. The rides are highly overpriced and are downright disgusting for the most part. I do like the big yellow slide and the "Little Hands on the Farm" exhibit, and of course all the livestock and 4-H exhibits. Maybe being hot and pregnant didn't help much, but I'm not sure that this tradition will continue into next year. The pictures look like we seemed to have a decent time though...even though we spent waaaay more money than the experience was actually worth in my opinion. Sorry, State Fair. Funny in the picture of me that there is another pregnant lady in an orange shirt. But I know I look way cuter, because I have a Hello Kitty bag.

Daniel reeeeeally wanted to ride the roller coaster more than anything. Landon was nice enough to go on the helicopters with Emma since Richard and I weren't willing to squeeze into the cockpit.

What a bunch of cute carrots!
Landon brought a friend along so they could earn their State Fair patch for Scouts.
Big Red- an extremely large faux Bull. Nice and calm and not caring that there were a million kids mauling him. I guess thats what happens when you get castrated.
Oh so cute! She loved petting the baby pigs. Daniel reached down without really looking to pet a big boar (male) pig. Only he was really just petting the male part of the pig. We quickly told him to stop and a few people around us couldn't help but snicker.
This is the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit which is actually very cute and educational.


Bamamoma said...

Ok first things first, yeah you are totally the cutest pregnant lady at the fair! Next, the kids do all look like they had a great time but that is just so they can con you into taking them next year so that they can get sugary, fatty food, expensive rides, and cheap-yet-spendy trinkets. It's a racket!

Layne said...

Don't forget that the expensive rides are manned by felons and pedophiles! Woohoo!

Jill said...

I have never spent as much money as when I take my kids to a fair...(It's so not fair! lol) It looks like they had tons of fun though. Sometimes we just have to swallow hard and remember the money is all in the name of memories. :-)