Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We had a wonderful four days at Fish Lake. The weather was perfect and everyone from my family was there. We enjoyed being together in the beautiful surroundings and having a great time on the boat, playing games, relaxing, eating and fishing, of course! Thank you so much Mom and Dad for the wonderful trip, all the planning, the memories and Mom, your boundless, amazing energy! Early birds with worms ready for an early morning fishing trip! Daniel, Emma, Landon and Carter
Daniel helping Grandpa drive the boat and wearing Grandpas hat too!

So proud of their catch....even though Daniel screamed like a girl when the fish wiggled out of the towel they were holding it with!
I'm havin' fish tonight! (can you name the movie?)
I love this picture.
It's always a thrill to catch 'em!
On one particular trip Emma was the only one to catch a fish...that's my girl!
We really had a lot of fun and enjoyed every minute! We love Fish Lake!


Julianne said...

Your family is so cute! We've been to fish lake once, but loved it! I remember thinking of you when I was there because I knew you guys go there all the time. Glad you love the hoodie! I've seen it worn on pregnant people. Zip it up like you normally would and then unzip the bottom so that you belly is out and the top is zipped cuz it has two zippers...does that make sense? Just an idea! Love ya jen! Here's to eating whatever we want!!! Hee, Hee!

Jill said...

You guys are always doing fun things! I am so glad you had a great time. Your mom is amazing! She seems to know how to get the most out of life. You look cute in your Voice Male shirt!...BYW, what are you going to name your baby?

Emilee Porter said...

fish lake is always a good time! Such great pictures. Glad you guys had such a fabulous time!