Friday, June 22, 2012

The time has come

I'm finally updating my blog.  We going to Fish Lake next week and my goal is to post a new set of pictures each day until then.  I am WAY behind, so I am going to back track a lot!  Today it is a sheep post.  

Docking 2012- Matt, Crosby, Daniel, Kyler, Landon

 The boys had to get a few shots of just how bloody they get.
 I can hardly believe this, but Richard let these boys walk into Burger King like this!!!  Everyone was staring at them and probably wondering why on earth 2 little boys would walk in anywhere covered in blood!  Seriously.  If you've never heard of docking, you would have no idea why this could or would or how it would even happen!

 If you zoom in you'll see that they are all just eating their lunch with bloody hands.  They don't care!
 This was way back in April when Daniel took the day off from school to go help shear sheep with Richard.  That is one big ram!
 Just some cute shots of my cowboys

 This was the day Richard went to Spring City to get 6 more sheep, making a total of 12 bummer lambs.  Someone took 2 off our hands for us, but there were a couple days of pure madness.  I did a few bottle feedings completely by myself.  I was covered in milk, sheep crap, dirt, hay.  I even cut my finger in the process, so add blood to that list.  
 New babies.  This was about 7 or 8 weeks ago.  They are almost all weaned and will be done with formula by the time we leave for Fish Lake.  Thank goodness.  We still have to feed them grain twice a day, but that is so much easier!!  
So there are some sheep adventures for ya.  It's kept our springtime pretty busy!  Stay tuned, because I really am posting every day- I'm going to get all caught up!  Yay!


Karen and Joe said...

You sound like me with posting but you do a much better job.
Always enjoy your pictures and your words-only wish we lived closer so we could hang out more! :)