Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines!

This little cutie is the reason I haven't posted for two weeks.  She got a double  ear infection 2 weeks ago and we gave her amoxicillan.  That didn't work.  So back to the Dr. and we gave her Zithromax.  That didn't work.  So back to the Dr. and now she is on Omnicef.  Please, please, please work!  Her poor tummy is not too happy from all the antibiotics and 2 bottles of Motrin on top of it.  And let me tell you, she wins the prize for the messiest, biggest blow-out I have ever experienced with a baby.  Fun stuff.  

My funny Valentine!

Last night Richard and I had our first (and much needed) date since having Kate.  My cousin, Madison babysat and Kate screamed for her most of the time we were at dinner.  We came home so I could feed her and put her down for the night and then we went to the Stake dance!  Its been a long time since we danced and we had a fun time! After all, I decided I really liked Richard after first dancing with him at Retrix 13 years ago!  He's a wonderful dancer and its always a special treat to dance with my sweetie and just be with him and no kids! Thanks, Madison for babysitting!!

Last Saturday Richard took the kids down to the cabin for a snow day.  I stayed home with Kate, who was feeling pretty miserable and prepared for a talk I had to give in Sacrament and for sharing time the next day, since I had spent the whole week holding a sad baby.  The kids had a wonderful time, of course!  They loved time spent on snowmobiles, sleds and with cousins!

Everyone cross your fingers for the Omnicef!  


Layne said...

Omnicef is what we just finished last week. These antibiotics are making me crazy. I'm cramming her full of yogurt and kefir and all kinds of stuff to try to ward off the side effects. So excited.

Jill said...

Poor baby and poor mommy!! I am so sorry. I really hope it works. She is so darn cute! Did you take that picture when she was sick? At least she gave you a little smile. :-)

Daisy Chick said...

Hope she gets feeling better soon. You were both missed this past weekend at the cabin. Hope things get better soon.

Bamamoma said...

I think you need to bring her south and into the warmth. Wanna come visit 'bama? Eden got an ear infection at Christmas but perked right out of it when we got home. See, you just need to come visit! :)

I'm glad you and Richard got a date in for Valentines. We missed you guys.

Katie said...

I bypassed all of that with Luka recently- after the first antibiotic didn't work I just went straight to the rocephin shots and he was better in two days. I definitely know what you are going through:)

Allison - said...

Oh. my. gosh. Jenny, she is too adorable - and I can't believe how grown up your beautiful family is getting! Fun to see pics and read about your lives.

Say hi to your mom and dad for me : )