Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A shower, a wedding and a lot of cake balls

One of the fun things that happened this summer was that our niece, Chante got married!  I offered to give her a bridal shower which was so much fun and turned out so darling.  (Couldn't have done it without my awesome sister in law, Emily!)  I also volunteered to make cake balls for the reception.  I ended up making 630!  It was a lot of work, but ended up being so much fun.  One of the days I spent a few hours with Daniel as my helper rolling and shaping the balls.  The next day I spent a few hours with Landon and he helped me dip them all and drizzle them with colored chocolate.  Daniel said, "this is so freaking fun!!"  I really enjoyed spending time with each of them and I think they had a lot of fun helping me and having some good, quality one on one time.  

All these pictures taken on the wedding day are from Emily's blog.  (Thanks, Em!)
Chante and the girls
Davin and Chante
All the boy cousins
Beautiful girls
More cousins pictures!
These are pics of the bridal shower at my house.  The theme was "Eat, Drink and get Married!"
 The fruit pizza bar was a big hit!
 I found all these ideas and printables at the Sisters Cafe blog.  So cute!
 One of my many projects lately....the chalkboard and the beadboard island- I love the gray!
 Kjerstin, Chante, McKenna and Lori
 The darling (and very tasteful) honeymoon basket that Emily put together for the Aunt's to give to Chante.
 Just one of the many, many batches we worked on!
Believe it or not, I'd be happy to make another batch right now even....they are sooooo good!


Daisy Chick said...

Love the pictures from the shower. You really did such a wonderful job. So excited to see how the rest of your kitchen turns out. Post pictures when you can. Love you.

Karen and Joe said...

What great pictures! That's a lot of work but so much fun! The shower idea is so cute. I need to get your recipe for the cake balls!

Jennifer Interiors said...

Hello! I am getting ready to make a ton of cake balls and googled to see if anyone had attempted this before. Hence I was directed to your blog. It looks like you have made a ton of cake balls before. I am wondering if you have any tips for me. I am a bit afraid. Any products you recommend. tips on dipping them in chocolate etc. I'd be most grateful. thank you. You can contact me via my website at :)