Friday, December 2, 2011

A little before and after

Here is a little of what I have been up to lately. These kind of projects keep me sane. Back in the spring I swapped kids rooms and painted the girls room light blue. Kate was still in a crib, but we have since gotten bunk beds and I redid the room and love how it all turned out.

I LOVE this mirror from IKEA!
I made all the pillows. I searched everywhere for the "perfect" red and white bold flower print and made the other pillows out of felt. They were really fun and easy!

My goal was to get rid of all pastel pink, purple, and green. I love the yellow, blue, red and black! I still have to recover the dolly crib that is lined with pink gingham.
In their old room these boards used to be pink and purple. I peeled off the vinyl and repainted them and obviously had to have the vinyl reprinted.

Here is the AFTER. I saw a picture that inspired everything. I love that it is unique. Not that I don't love the black/white/hot pink combo, I just wanted something different and I love how it turned out. I still have a few little finishing touches to add, like wood initials above their beds, but overall I am so happy with how it all turned out!

Let's remind ourselves of the BEFORE in all its messy, boy glory!

Here is the AFTER of the kitchen table...sorry the picture isn't too clear. Next I think I'll have to tackle the banister because it kind of clashes with the walnut table top. Slowly but surely, I will phase out all the oak (yuck!) in my house. I also have bathroom vanity cabinets and kitchen cabinets on my list. I've been wanting to paint my table forever and finally did it.
The BEFORE. I was just tired of this look and if you looked close up there were so many stains and scratches. It needed a makeover!
I guess I'll have to put all my other big plans on hold and work on Christmas "stuff"!


Layne said...

That looks awesome! And the oak cabinets were one of the things about our house that I was happy to turn my back on.

Jessica said...

Jenny I love it!!! Yellow and cute ;)

Bamamoma said...

You have a flare, a stylish one! So impressed.

Jill said...

so cute! I love those pillows!!

Katie said...

Will you please come kick my butt into gear! I need to do all of this. You are amazing.

Katie said...

PS Are you busy this Tuesday night? Can you come sing a couple of Christmas songs at my Relief SOciety dinner? My program is falling through. I need someone to fill in- I am serious. Save me.