Friday, May 22, 2009

Emma's Graduation Celebration

Emma had her graduation on Wednesday and did a fabulous job.  The program was darling, but we didn't really get any clear pictures.  Emma was cute as could be and sang her little heart out!  The next day Miss Tina treated all her preschool students to a celebration at Liberty Land (its like a mini Boondocks).  We thought only the kiddie rides would be running, but the bumper boats and roller coaster were open too.  Emma went on the roller coaster 5 times!  I only accompanied her the first time and then she went with her little friends.  She had so much fun!  Here are some of the fun things she got to do.  
This was called the Frog Hopper.  Emma was fearless, and because she was with friends she was willing to try everything!

This is the roller coaster that she went on 5 times!    

This is her friend McKaylee.

Lovin' the bouncy slide!


On the bumper boats with McKaylee's mom.  I'm glad it was her, not me, because I can't steer those stinkin' boats- and they got soaked.

Kate was a great sport for the 2 hours just watching Emma and hanging out in the stroller.